For the past thirty years the focus of our training has been investigations, during which we have specialized in both fire scene and explosives incidents investigation. This training culminated in Certifications as a Fire Investigator (Cert. No. 02-15) and as an Explosives Specialist (Cert. No. 86-24). In addition this training prepared us to be a member of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) National Response Team, and the International Response Team, allowing for further training in both fire scene and explosives scene investigation.

For the last ten years of my career as a Special Agent / CFI, CES, I was assigned to the ATF National Academy, as the Program Manager responsible for Federal, State, Local and International Arson and Explosives Investigations Training Programs.

IAAI Certification since August, 2000 (Certificate No. 08-080517)

These training programs were developed and established with the sole purpose of preparing investigators in the field of fire and explosives post blast  and post fire  scene investigations.

These programs have been used to prepare investigators with the knowledge and experience of how to conduct scene investigations. They learn the most up to date techniques and practices with respect to scene processing and examination, contamination issues, evidence collection and preservation, scene documentation, witness interviews and report writing.

Luis Velazco Investigations Inc. can offer training seminars on both Post Blast and Post Fire (Origin and Cause) scene investigations and scene and case management. These presentations can be conducted one to three days sessions, and can even involve live fire demonstrations depending of the training site and facilities (provided).