Our Origin and Cause investigations are based on the "Scientific Method" and follow a "Systematic Approach" to investigations, according to generally accepted principles of fire and explosions scene investigations.

We conduct our investigations working in a systematic fashion, working from the area of least damage to the area of most damage. We establish and control the scene perimeter, documenting our investigation with notes, reports, sketches, schematic drawings, and digital photographs. We can also digitally video record the scene when necessary.

Our tools and equipment are decontaminated prior to their used in the scene, and our investigators are mindful of the accepted "de-contamination" protocols of the fire or explosion scenes.

With over thirty years of experience in Fire Scene and Post Blast Scene Investigations and after having conducted over 1500 scene investigations, we have the resources and experience to conduct both large scale as well as the less complex scene investigations. We have the experience of having participated in several large scale and prolonged investigations such as the DuPont Plaza Fire in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the UNABOM bombing investigation at Yale University, in New Haven, CT, the Los Angeles Riots Fires, Los Angeles, CA, TWA Flight 800 scene investigation, at Pt. Moriches, New York, the Abortion Clinic Bombing in Birmingham, AL, as well as the United States Pentagon Incident of Sept. 11, 2001.

Luis Velazco has worked fires and explosions through out the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America. He is an ATF Certified Fire Investigator since 1991, Cert. No. 02-15, and ATF Certified Explosives Specialist since 1986, Cert. No. 86-24, and a Hazardous Materials Technician in accordance with (EPA 165.5) since June 9, 1995. He is U.S. Department State Certified as fluent in Spanish, and has contacts in associates throughout these regions.

Luis Velazco Investigation Inc., can provide Origin and Cause Investigations in both Fires and Explosion incidents; Consultations on Investigations or General Investigative Services.

We can also provide Expert Witness Services, for Trails and Trail; Preparations, as well as Depositions.

Luis Velazco, is a nationally and internationally known lecturer on effective investigative techniques and solutions for Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Insurance Industry and Legal Professionals. His expertise includes Fire Origin and Cause Determination, Post Blast Scene Investigations, Large Loss Investigation Management, Curriculum Development, SIU (Special Investigation Units) Training, Subrogation and Fraud Investigations.

Luis Velazco, is a Member of ATF Associates, the International Association of Arson Investigators, and the Georgia Fire Investigators Association, the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, and the Florida Advisory Committee on Arson Prevention.