In my law enforcement career, I have had the good fortune of having received good and valuable training, the benefit of experienced partners and friends who have shared their investigative knowledge with me and who helped to guide me in my early development as an investigator.

After specializing in fire and explosion investigations, one of my goals has been to share this expertise with other in the field. This, I hope will be my contribution to this field of Fire and Explosion Investigations, as an attempt to share with my counter parts and to help in the spread the professionalism of the industry.

The Scientific Method

The Systematic Approach

The Ignition Scenario

The "alternative" theory

These are some of the things that a good professional must consider while he or she is conducting the scene investigation. He should be able to articulate these factors when preparing his report detailing his investigative activities.

Controlling access to the scene, and observing the contamination and de-contamination protocol are steps he must observe if he is to follow the recommended guidelines in the accepted (peer reviewed) industry publications.

(Articles and presentations further explaining these mentioned subjects have been published and/or conducted by Luis Velazco, and area available.)

Licensed Investigator in the State of Georgia and the State of Florida.